Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Doctor Who Site has Doctor Who Adventures Issue 285

From The Doctor Who Site

Daleks right?

Everyone’s talking about Daleks. How many there were. How many there are. How insane they can be.

But do you know what? There is something else going on in the universe. I have a brand-new bow tie. Okay, so it’s the same shape, size and colour as my old one – but that’s not the point. It looks lovely, I know. Thanks for noticing.

Anyway, where were me? Oh, yes – there are lots of Daleks around at the moment!

Also inside…

*Crazy Christmas
*Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
*Massive Dalek quiz
*How to be The Doctors
*Story Quide
*The planet that slept (comic)
*Web design and more

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