Sunday, 23 September 2012

Podcast Round-up for Sunday

Beware some podcasts are unsuitable for children...

The Time Meddlers » Blog Archive » Episode 19

Jonathan, David and Ian may be confined to Skype Land, but at least they can talk about a holiday for the Doctor to the wild western town of Mercy, where the Gunslinger awaits. The question is, will David be quicker on the draw than Jonathan when it comes to the introductions? Press play to find out, as they review 'A Town Called Mercy'...

Doctor Who: The Flashing Blade Podcast

Have an inrerview with Stuart Gee, Eckelsley from Monster of Peledon - oh, and the Space Pirates.

The Cloister Room

Doctor Who is back again for the third week running! We’re getting spoiled, aren’t we? In any case, Tom and Louis have turned their attention toward “A Town Called Mercy.”

035: The Caves of Androzani - Krynoid Podcast: Doctor Who stories reviewed

There's soldiers, gunrunners, androids, a rubbish monster, a revenge-seeking hairy-handed, Peri-infatuated madman and an evil and ruthless bag of slime. Can the Doctor weave his way through them all and save Peri? Only just...

041 – A Fistful Of Doctors | Arrow of Time

This week we strap on our shiniest spurs, saddle up and go with the Doctor to the final frontier land (remembering to think 4th dimensionally of course because when we hit 88, those Indians won’t even be there).  This week we are joined by an all-star cast of Matt, Gabe, Dave, and Scott for “A Town Called Mercy”.

Staggering Stories Commentary 69: Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks

Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins and Keith Dunn sit down, nanogened, in front of the 2012 Doctor Who story, Asylum of the Daleks, and spout our usual nonsense!

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