Monday, 24 September 2012

Podcast Round-up for Monday

Beware some podcasts are unsuitable for children...

More Podcasts for day are available on the Monday update of 'The Power of Three' Reviews and Extras post.

Under The Miniscope: Episode 31: "A Tale of Two Bakers"

Lock up your sacred cows- Sarah and Andrew are on the rampage again! In this first of two op-ed episodes, we examine the popularly held opinions of the least-and-most-popular Doctors of the classic series- why we think they're so-held, and whether we think that's accurate. We'd love to hear you weigh in, too- check it out!

The Sonic Toolbox: Episode 51: Oh, Mercy Mercy Me

Never let the British try to make a Western. This film genre is best done by Americans, where the West was won. "A Town Called Mercy" proves this rule. This week Cheryl and Daisy discuss the details of this fact while we review the third episode of Series 7. Also, a tiny bit of newsish like stuff and lots of feedback!

Request from the Vortex

Whoogle collates the original articles and thus gives the original sources the support and hits they deserve rather than rewriting the news and quoting the source, meaning they don't get any hits.

Please don't forget that you found it on Whoogle if re-posting any of the links found here.