Friday, 14 September 2012

Podcast Round-up for Friday

Beware some podcasts are unsuitable for children...

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour Podcast: PODCAST: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

A *COOL THING* on *ANOTHER COOL THING* - it's a tried and tested approach to story titling which has already given us Snakes on a Plane, Strangers on a Train, Bird on a Wire,Tarrant on TV and Orson Welles. Actually, the more we think about it, it's probably only given us Snakes on a Plane which is no bad thing. That is until Steven Moffat asked writer of silly Doctor Who episodes (and former vociferous critic of silly Doctor Who episodes) Chris Chibnall to give us Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, with results that have now become apparent.

The Oncoming Storm

This time the focus is once again on the crossover of the century, Star Trek/Doctor Who! Your hosts are looking at issues 3 & 4, in the desperate hope that something actually happens with this whole Borg/Cyberman team up thing. This being the second attempt to make this episode, it is a little truncated, but it's not the size that counts, right?

Drunken Time Travel » Blog Archive » 3.06 The Ark

Join us as we find out the latest about Roger Colbert, find out how solar flares makes the Refusians invisible, making beer at the end of the universe, how not to run an interstellar space mission, and all whilst we drink 9.5% Trappist Ale . With a teaser like this, how can you refuse? See what I did there?

The Happiness Patrol: Episode 95: RAWR!

Oh buddy!  Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!  We here at The Happiness Patrol are crazy about this one!  So crazy in fact, that we had to bring in a special long time listener of the podcast, Ms. Margaret B. to help us discuss it.

The Ood Cast » The Ood Cast S05E03 – Dinocast on a Spacepod

Riddell pushed his way through the undergrowth, the thick, verdant leaves of the jungle tugging at his shirt sleeves and the exposed skin beneath. An array of flying insects buzzed ceaselessly around him, drawn by the salty tang of the sweat pooling in the furrows of his forehead and the shifting plain of flesh between his shoulder blades.

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