Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Podcast Round-up for the 18th September

Beware some podcasts are unsuitable for children...

Video Free Skaro has Episode 012: Critical Hits and Pint-Sized Brits
A very special guest host takes the reigns on this week's Video Free Skaro, and we're sure you'll enjoy his sardonic take on all things Whovian. But the main event is the Critical Hit show, a blending of improv and Dungeons and Dragons hosted by the inestimable Eric Fell, star of Blue Meanie and Skaromantic Comedy. Join Eric as he and his merry band of comedians vanquish monsters and concoct shenanigans under the lights of the Rio Theatre in Vancouver!

Playing Doctor Spoilers 04 - Playing Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

Welcome to Playing Doctor SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched all of Doctor Who through the third episode of series 7, “A Town Called Mercy”, you don’t want to listen to this episode. If you are caught up but don’t want to hear rumors and spoilers about the upcoming series, you don’t want to listen to this episode.

The EMF Podcast » Blog Archive » The EMF Podcast– Being Fans Podcast Official 001

It begins. We're back!!! Our official merge of the EMF Podcast and Being Fans Podcast has begun! We bring you tv news, and tv discussion on Doctor Who, Alphas and Revolution! Enjoy!

The Sonic Toolbox: Episode 50: Tea in Space

So, Rory is a Weasley and the Weasleys are Ponds. And triceratops' are puppies and Nefertiti is on the African plain and... Oh, never mind... there are DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP! This week we review last week's episode of Doctor Who and try to explain the theory of relativity. Also, Gallifrey One news and feedback.

The Whostorian - Episode 47 - Cowboys and Cyborgs and Deathrays, Oh My!

Season 2 Episode 17. This week there's news (of course) and then Stylin' Steve gets right down to reviewing A Town Called Mercy, followed by a Rutan facing a Judoon in The Death Zone.

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