Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hello Tweetie... (12th September)

David Lewis (Doctor_No1) on Twitter

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doctor-who-overdose: The best tardis cosplay i saw at sdccClick for the best DoctorWho tumblr ever.

Meet the Doctor’s dino-gang! Yes! Here’s Brian , Riddell, and Nefertiti: plus he was mean, moody and in his own vile way, a marvellous monster! Step back inside the spaceship to re-visit Solomon:

David and matt 
The Stetson is back on Saturday :D
Who's Mastermind: _Doctor Who_ returns as a specialist subject for the long-running knowledge quiz...
What do you do when you've finished college & gotta ages until the next bus? Go Amy Pond cosplay shopping! :D
  A Town Called Mercy is on BBC One, Saturday @ 7.35pm. Find out more and download wallpaper for the adventure
Life Outside the TARDIS: the amazingly varied career of Catherine Tate:

Outside the TARDIS: ?: sci-fi scavenger hunt takes over campus...

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