Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hello Tweetie... (11th September)

David Lewis (Doctor_No1) on Twitter

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Can't wait till Jenna Louise Coleman is the next companion with the doctor!
Great news “: Congratulations goes to Steven Moffat & team for winning Best Family Drama Award
Watching "Web Planet". So far in I like it! This is supposed to be bad, is it?
Asylum of the Daleks - Official Ratings: Final ratings data for the week ending 2nd September 2012 have now been...
: EyeStalk for iPhone - See the world like the Doctor's deadliest enemy awesome app
Doctor Who Wins “Best Family Drama”
Patrick Troughton..... the thinking doctor
Dinosaur ratings on a SPACE ship: Canadian broadcaster SPACE have reported another ratings success with its broa...

Outside the TARDIS: Benedict Cumberbatch beats Matt Smith as Sherlock wins twice at TV awards

Paradox Island: Watch out for 'Rory' the Raptor...

Julian Fellowes sets the scene for Downton Abbey series 3, plus Doctor Who and Strictly in the new issue of Radio Times
doctorwho: Fandoms.

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