Tuesday, 11 September 2012

eBay has Original prop screenused Submarine Model...

Doctor Dr Who original prop SCREENUSED Submarine Model Mike Tucker Dalek DVD »
Up for auction is this much admired, screen-used, beautifully crafted submarine model made by Mike Tucker and his Model unit (for anyone who is not aware, Mike worked producing special effects for both classic and new Doctor Who as well as several other ‘Who’ related projects). The model is unique and is a complete custom build. The submarine was made for the commissioned short BBC  Doctor Who film ‘TARDIS-CAM 4’ which first appeared on the official BBC Doctor Who web site and then as an extra on both ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ DVD releases. Each ‘TARDIS-CAM’ pictured the TARDIS in a different location.  The films were made in the run-up to the then new 2005 re-launch of the show. In this short film, the TARDIS has landed in an undersea base; outside a large viewing window the Submarine can be seen lifting off the sea-bed, with both its lights flaring. The TARDIS is then seen materialising inside the sea-base.

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