Friday, 7 September 2012

Doctor Who's Asylum of the Daleks recapped by a 4 yr old Whovian!

Not yet Four and a 1/2, but Lindalee Rose is already a Whovian (the term given for a fan of the BBC series; Doctor Who)! Barely in pre-school, but she can name various human companions and menacing alien races from the long-running hit BBC series, and she owns her own replica sonic-screwdriver!

Season 7 of the world-wide phenomenon debuted this past weekend and an overly anticipated Lindalee was on hand to welcome it. She makes her on-camera debut here on Beyond the Marquee with her recount and thoughts of the events from Season 7, first episode entitled: "Asylum of the Daleks".

Check out the show's recap as told by a 4 year old. *WARNING* Contains Major Spoilers!!

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