Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 286

From The Doctor Who Site

I think I’ve cleaned all the Triceratops dribble out of my jacket and Trousers.

Yeesh, dinn-drool really stinks. Er, and it doesn’t help If you also tread in some giant dinosaur poo as well, which I then trod around everywhere. Oops. I’ve had To hoover the TARDIS – which took months, because it has so many rooms.

Have you ever tried hoovering a tennis court? BUT it’s all done now and I smell lovely, ready For my next adventure in A Town Called Mercy. Can’t wait!

Also inside…

  • Sneak preview!
  • Spot the difference
  • Veggie-likes!
  • Dinosaur facts!
  • Adventure guide!
  • Comic mayhem!
  • Behind the scenes!
  • Impossible puzzles!

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