Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Blogging with Badger has Big Finish Review – Iris Wildthyme Series 3 Box Set

Big Finish Review – Iris Wildthyme Series 3 Box Set »
There may be bigger cases of a “Your mileage may vary” character in Doctor Who, but I can’t think of any larger than Iris Wildthyme. She’s a Time Lord (possibly), who travels with a companion that looks like a small plush panda, drinks a lot of gin, “steals” elements of the Doctor’s story and incorporates them into her own, and travels in a TARDIS that’s shapped like a London double-decker bus and is smaller on the inside than the outside. If those elements sound like wonderful fun to you, then you’ll like her stories! If not (hi, Rob! Hi, Arthur!), then you’ll probably want to skip them....

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