Saturday, 22 September 2012

BBC Doctor Who - The Power of Three, The Brigadier and Beyond

From BBC - Blogs - Doctor Who

If you enjoyed The Power of Three, check out our latest behind-the-scenes video in which Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Jemma Redgrave and writer Chris Chibnall talk about the return of UNIT and meeting the marvellous Kate Stewart for the first time.

We’ve exclusive galleries including a collection of production artwork, the latest Game of Rassilon and all new pages dedicated to the Shakri and Kate Stewart. And if you can’t bear to be without the cubes you can construct your very own or BBC iPlayer users can watch the episode again! Plus, you can find out more about Kate’s dad with videos, galleries and more.

But if you’re already looking ahead to the Doctor’s final adventure with the Ponds, you can see the latest trails for The Angels Take Manhattan or remind yourself of what’s waiting for the travellers in New York…

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