Wednesday, 26 September 2012

BBC Doctor Who - Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill on The Angels Take Manhattan

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Amy and Rory leave the TARDIS for the final time in The Angels Take Manhattan on Saturday evening. For the Ponds it’s the end of a journey that has taken them across all time and space, but for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, the adventure has been equally memorable…

Karen says she expects ‘there will be tears’ when people watch The Angels Take Manhattan and admits that for her, the read-through for this episode was difficult. ‘That was actually the hardest bit to do,’ she recalls, ‘just because it was such a good script, such a good exit and it was like, ‘Oh this is how it is going to happen’ – really surprising, but the best exit ever!’

Arthur has vivid memories of filming the Ponds’ final episode, shot in the Big Apple itself... ‘I am such a massive fan of New York with it the being setting for many Woody Allen films, not to mention Ghostbusters! What made it extra special was that we all fell in love with the city at the same time, so to film our last episode there was really fitting. And we got to shoot in filmic locations like Central Park, which reflected the ambition of the entire episode.’

And now he’s moved on, what will he miss? ‘Just being able to work with the best of the best,’ he replies. Karen agrees.  ‘I’ll miss spending time with my good friends Arthur and Matt,’ she tells us. ‘It has literally been the best time of my life!’

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