Wednesday, 1 August 2012

SFX takes some Counter Measures...

Counter-Measures Series One REVIEW | SFX »
Before the 2005 relaunch, playing the “imaginary Doctor Who spin-off” game was a regular pastime for fans, but now Big Finish are doing their best to make those dream projects into reality. Following on from the success of Jago & Litefoot, we now have another series starring a group of memorable Who supporting characters – in this case, the early ‘60s proto-UNIT “Counter-Measures” team that featured in the classic 1988 adventure “Remembrance Of The Daleks”. Reuniting the original TV actors, this quartet of one-hour adventures plays as if “Remembrance” had been a pilot episode for an all-new show, and sees Group Captain Gilmore (Simon Williams), Professor Rachel Jensen (Pamela Salem) and Alison Williams (Karen Gledhill) once again battling mysterious, technological and unearthly threats in mid-‘60s London....

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