Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 281

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Hello Time Travellers!

Guess where I’ve just come back From! No, you’re wrong – well, just a bit. I’ve been to a planet where the people have no mouths! Ha! Can you imagine having no mouth?
Think of all the things you would miss out on, like singing, eating sweets and telling your friends rubbish jokes!

It turns out that they eat, sing and laugh Through their ears! I said to one of them: “That’s a bit weird!” But they were halfway Through their breakfast and didn’t hear me!

Also inside…

*Pond life
*Hall of heroes
*Cyber maze
*Creature feature
*Monster exits
*The Intergalactic games (comic)
*Werewolf breakout and more

This weeks issue, priced £2.99, comes with either a hero’s or villains folder set and packs Monster invasion cards…

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