Monday, 13 August 2012

BBC Doctor Who - Guest Tweeter Caro Skinner and Much More...

From BBC Doctor Who

It promises to be quite a week for Doctor Who fans – and we’ll be bringing you all the action and news as it breaks…

Tomorrow, Asylum of the Daleks will be premiered at the British Film Institute in London. We’ll be there on the day to bring you pictures and videos of the event itself.

And we’re delighted to confirm that Executive Producer Caro Skinner will be our guest ‘tweeter’ tomorrow, posting throughout the day and the evening itself on the official Doctor Who twitter account. She’ll be bringing you the latest news as it emerges and offering a unique view of events as they unfold.

We’ll also be releasing some incredible new images later this week so if you don’t already follow us on Twitter - and you want to make sure you’re getting the inside views and news and it breaks - now’s the time to start!

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