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Behind the scenes 

1936 - Neville Simons (Frank Michaels in DW: The Ambassadors of Death) was born.

1966 - DW: The War Machines, Episode 2 was first broadcast.

1991 - Don Houghton, who wrote DW: Inferno and DW: The Mind of Evil, died.

2007 - DW: Revelation of the Daleks was re-released on DVD in the UK with a special 'O-ring' slipcase.

2009 - The BBC Audio exclusive The Rising Night read by Michelle Ryan was released.

Today in History

1489 Thomas Cranmer, a leader of the English Reformation and Archbishop of Canterbury was born. He was Archbishop during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and, for a short time, Mary I. He helped build a favourable case for Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and, along with Thomas Cromwell, he supported the principle of Royal Supremacy, in which the king was considered sovereign over the Church within his realm.

1644 English Civil War: The Battle of Marston Moor was the first victory of the war for the Parliamentary forces, with Cromwell's Roundhead Army defeating the Royalist Cavaliers, commanded by Prince Rupert. After their defeat, the Royalists effectively abandoned the North of England. The loss of the North was to prove a fatal handicap the following year, when they tried unsuccessfully to link up with the Scottish Royalists under Montrose.

1698 Devon born Thomas Savery patented the first steam engine. He described it as a ''A new invention for raiseing of water and occasioning motion to all sorts of mill work by the impellent force of fire, which will be of great use and advantage for drayning mines, serveing townes with water, and for the working of all sorts of mills where they have not the benefitt of water nor constant windes.'

1819 The first Factory Act was passed in Britain. This banned the employment of children younger than 9 from working in textile factories, whilst those under 16 were allowed to work for 'only' 12 hours a day!

1865 At a revivalist meeting at Whitechapel, London, William Booth formed the Salvation Army.

1940 Kenneth Clarke, British politician was born.

1940 World War II: Adolf Hitler ordered German military commanders to draw up plans for the invasion of England.

1948 Champion English golfer Henry Cotton won the British Open Golf Championship for the third time.

1973 The birth, in Bolton, of comedian Peter Kay. He has sold over ten million DVDs, more than any other comedian.

1985 The ordination of women as deacons was approved by the General Synod

1987 Moors murderer Ian Brady offered to assist police searches of Saddleworth Moor for the first time since his conviction.

1996 Weather experts predicted that global warming would have the effect of moving Britain 100 miles south in the next 25 years, bringing summer droughts and winter rainstorms.

1997 Six IRA terrorists who plotted to blow up electricity supply stations in the Home Counties were each jailed for 35 years.

1999 The Scottish Parliament was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on the day that legislative powers were officially transferred from the old Scottish Office in London to the newly devolved Scottish Executive in Edinburgh.

2001 Barry George was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of television presenter Jill Dando.

2005 The world's biggest music stars united in Live8 concerts around the globe to press political leaders to tackle poverty in Africa.

Todays UK TV and Radio

Doctor Who
On: BBC Radio 4 Extra
Date: Monday 2nd July 2012
Time: 18:00 to 18:30
The Scapegoat.
In wartime Paris, the Time Lord is embroiled with the Baroks - can he and Lucie avoid a fatal appointment? Stars Paul McGann. episode 2 of 2.

Torchwood: Miracle Day
On: Watch
Date: Monday 2nd July 2012
Time: 22:00 to 23:00
The fight against PhiCorp takes the team to California, where a trap is waiting. Resources and time are running out.
(Part 4 of 10, Widescreen, Subtitles, Dolby Digital 5.1, Audio Described, 2011, 4 Star)
Starring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Bill Pullman, Lauren Ambrose

Doctor Who
On: BBC Radio 4 Extra
Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2012
Time: 00:00 to 00:30
The Scapegoat.
In wartime Paris, the Time Lord is embroiled with the Baroks - can he and Lucie avoid a fatal appointment? Stars Paul McGann. episode 2 of 2.

Torchwood: Children of Earth
On: Watch
Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2012
Time: 01:00 to 02:15
Day Five. Episode 5.
As anarchy prevails, Gwen Cooper stands alone. A council estate becomes the decisive battleground.
(Widescreen, Subtitles, Dolby Digital 5.1, 4 Star)
Starring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Kai Owen, Peter Capaldi, Nicholas Farrell

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