Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 280

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Are you all glued to your tellies watching the Olympics?

Strictly speaking I don’t normally like sport. Too much lunging. And bow ties don’t go well with shorts.

But the first Games in Ancient Greece were a belter! I took bronze in the 500m chariot race and a gang of Auton Romans tried to sneak in to the competition.

It was so hot their plastic Feet melted and they got stuck to the ground! Have a good week and beware of stray panthers!

Also inside…

*Doctor forever
*Death by Daleks
*Crazy animal giggles
*The scorching quiz
*Who are you kidding
*Dungeon of the lost (Comic)
*Top torch and much more…

This weeks issue, priced £2.99, comes a stationary tin, pencils,pen, yo-yo and a special Monster invasion card…

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