Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fish Fingers and Custard - Issue 10 - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

From Fish Fingers and Custard
What connects a blue man, a toilet and Steven Moffat's face?

Why, it's Issue 10 of Fish Fingers and Custard!

Now celebrating two years on the fanzine scene, we continue to bring you all the goings-on in the Doctor Who underground.  Though, we're more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, than Rat.

In the latest Issue we have:
  • Our view on the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • Interview with Simon Fisher-Becker aka Dorium Maldovar
  • Six Appeal - what one Doctor means to a young boy
  • Season 18 - A Breath of Life, or A Strangulation?
  • Which Fan Group Are You?
  • Monster In The Bathroom - Our brand new comic!
And much more besides!

You can download this Issue by clicking here (right-click and save) if you're feeling rather flush and would like to support the fanzine, you can purchase a paper copy here

If you want to contribute to any future Issues, please e-mail your work and one of our handsome Robomen will get back to you.

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