Sunday, 22 July 2012

Deadly collar up for grabs...

Original "Dr Who" Fibreglass Time Lord Collar (made for The Deadly Assassin) »
Crafted in burgundy coloured fibreglass for the 1976 Doctor Who story which took viewers to Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, this rare survivor was used in two TV adventures - "The Deadly Assassin" and "The Invasion of Time". The collar still has an adhesive label with the name of its last on-screen wearer, James O'Neill, who appeared as an extra in the latter story.

The two discs which carry the seal of Rassilon logo are peeling slightly, and some of the gold leaf has flaked away. The braid which trims the outline of the collar is loose in some places and there are two small cracks at the apex of the collar where it has been dropped at some time in the past.

The collar has been in storage in a private home for over 30 years, having been given to the current owner as a gift by a senior member of the production team in 1980.

The grey rope attached to the collar has been used to hang it up in storage and is easily removable.

Please note that the bulky size and fragile nature of this item makes it very difficult to despatch by post or courier. COLLECTION IN PERSON IS PREFERRED and potential bidders should be aware of this.

Shipping might be possible by courier, but the seller can accept no responsibility for damage in transit.

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