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Whovian Roundup for Friday, June 08, 2012

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Todays picture is Sara Kingdom by Harnois75. Space security agent Sara Kingdom, from the classic 12 part Doctor Who story The Daleks' Masterplan.

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preview70 pieceThe Pyramids of Mars by Marker-Mistress

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Doctor Who News Page has Bonhams To Auction Poster And Costumes

A Dalek film poster and costumes from three David Tennant-era Doctor Who stories are coming up for auction in London next month.

The Entertainment Memorabilia sale is taking place at Bonhams in Knightsbridge on Tuesday 3rd July, starting at 1pm.

The quad poster, measuring 40in x 30in (105cm x 76cm), is for the 1966 film Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. and has an estimate of £300 to £400.

The first costume lot going under the hammer is made up of two Roboform costumes from The Runaway Bride, with one of them believed to have been worn by Tennant's Doctor as a disguise costume during the episode. Each outfit comprises a black hooded cape of wool, with Velcro fastening and split side seam, together with a black wool jacket/coat, the costume attributed to Tennant having a pair of black loafer shoes and a black leather effect belt with large buckle, the other with belt only. These have an estimate of £400 to £500, which will be taxable.

The next outfit is a maid's costume from Tooth And Claw, comprising a black cotton dress, with button front with lace-effect collar and cuffs, together with a fine net and lace belted apron. It carries an estimate of £100 to £150.

Finally, there is a Slab guard costume from Smith and Jones, which has an estimate of £300 to £400 and comprises a two-piece black leather biker-type outfit, the leather jacket with geometric detail to top of sleeves with a pair of trousers, both labelled 'Hein Gericke', the jacket with label inside inscribed 'Matt', together with a pair of leather gauntlet/gloves and a black cotton T-shirt.

All of the costumes appear to be the same as the ones that were included in the Entertainment Memorabilia auction held by Bonhams last December, where the Roboform costumes sold for £437, the maid’s costume for £400, and the Slab guard costume for £225.

Pre-sale viewings will be held on Friday 29th June (9am to 4.30pm), Sunday 1st July (11am to 3pm), Monday 2nd July (9am to 4.30pm), and the day of the auction itself (9am to 11am).

BBC Doctor Who has Happy Birthday Colin Baker!

Many happy returns to Colin Baker who played the Sixth Doctor.

Colin took over as the Time Lord in the 1984 adventure, The Caves of Androzani. He quickly established the Sixth Doctor as a daring, dramatic and slightly erratic figure, capable of veering from arrogance to great compassion in a matter of moments.

He faced Daleks, Cybermen, the Master and a whole range of monsters before his swansong story, The Trial of a Time Lord, in 1986.

Scanner selected posts...

Doctor Who TV has The Lost Years. "Every time I look at my Doctor Who DVD collection and see all the missing episodes of William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton, it saddens me to think I may never get to see them. It is frustrating to know that the BBC were so careless by deleting such fine pieces of brilliance. These are my thoughts on the lost years.."

Beware most podcasts are of an adult nature and are not suitable for children.

The Whostorian has Episode 39 - Peasants with Pitchforks & 2×4s. Shannon & Steve try to shed some light on their shared hatreds about the beloved series. From Captain Yates to Love & Monsters, we’re bringing hate to The Whoniverse. Also, some ELO.

Tin Dog Podcast has TDP 244: Nightmare of Eden. The TARDIS arrives close to an unstable area on the interstellar cruise ship “Empress”, which has emerged from hyperspace at the same co-ordinates as the trade ship “Hecate”, causing a dimensional crossover that the Doctor and Romana realise must be repaired and he offers his services to detach the two craft.

The Oncoming Storm has Episode 12: BF 8 - Ice Ice Warriors, Too Cold Too Cold. It's time for a milestone episode, as Ashley finally gets to talk about the Ice Warriors! Yes, in this episode, Josh and Ashley are talking about their next Big Finish Audio, Red Dawn by Justin Richards.

A Mad Man with a Box has Shaun Lyon/City of Death. GallifreyOne’s Shaun Lyon joins me on the podcast this week to talk about the fantastic fourth Doctor story “City of Death.”

The Naked Scarf has The Trial Of A Time Lord 5-8 (And As If By Magic Brian Blessed Appeared). Adam, Andi and Stephen continue their look at The Trial Of A Time Lord and are all incredibly happy to see that even if the legal inquires are yawn worthy there’s nothing like a bearded maniac to cheer up proceedings. When not talking about the lovely lunacy of Mr Blessed, they also tackle subjects such as Sil, Peri’s bald cap and how sometimes when travelling in time and space you just have to throw a corpse or two.

DWO WhoCast has Episode 246. Please welcome Thomas to the show! He and Elisabeth have a look at the novelisation of The Three Doctors. Careful - they're brainy!

Review's Roundup...

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery has Doctor Who 199: The Web of Fear Part 6. The Doctor submits to the Great Intelligence's mind drain, but to turn the tables, but all he manages is to cut it off from Earth...

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