Saturday, 23 June 2012

Today in the 'Whoniverse' Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today in the 'Whoniverse'


1994 - Samuel Lloyd was born. (SJA: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Behind the scenes 

1925 - Mary Ridge (director of DW: Terminus) was born.

1929 - Kristopher Kum (Fu Peng in DW: The Mind of Evil) was born.

1942 - James Marcus (a peasant in DW: Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Rask in DW: Underworld) was born.

1957 - Leee John (Mansell in DW: Enlightenment) was born.

1973 - Episode 6 of DW: The Green Death was first broadcast.

1986 - Nigel Stock (Hayter in DW: Time-Flight) died.

1986 - Willis Chung (a Chinese Man in TW: The Gathering) was born.

1990 - Frank Gatliff (Ortron in DW: The Monster of Peladon) died.

2006 - DW: The Satan Pit and DW: Love & Monsters both repeated on BBC3

2007 - DW: The Sound of Drums was first broadcast.

Today in History

1314 Preliminary actions began for the Battle of Bannockburn, with the main battle beginning not long after daybreak the following day when the Scots began to move towards the English. It was one of the decisive battles of the First War of Scottish Independence.

1661 A marriage contract was signed between Charles II of England and Portuguese Catherine of Braganza. Catherine's dowry secured to England Tangier, the Seven islands of Bombay, trading privileges and two million Portuguese crowns (about £300,000).

1683 William Penn, the English Quaker, signed a treaty with the Indian chiefs of the Lenni Lenade Tribe in an attempt to ensure peace in his new American colony, Pennsylvania.

1757 British troops, commanded by Robert Clive, won the Battle of Plassey in Bengal - laying the foundations of the British Empire in India.

1894 Birth of Edward, Duke of Windsor who was King Edward VIII from 20th January to 10th December 1936 before abdicating to marry twice-divorced Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson.

1939 The Government of Eire declared membership of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to be illegal.

1940 The BBC’s Music While You Work programme was first broadcast on radio to brighten up the lives of munitions workers doing boring factory jobs.

1940 World War II: German leader Adolf Hitler surveyed newly defeated Paris in German occupied France.

1942 Germany's latest fighter, a Focke-Wulf Fw 190, was captured intact when it mistakenly landed at RAF Pembrey in Wales.

1951 Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, missing diplomats, fled to the USSR as Russian spies before the British authorities had the opportunity to arrest them for spying. They 'surfaced' in Moscow in 1956.

1970 The world’s first all-metal liner, Brunel’s 'Great Britain' returned to Bristol from the Falkland Islands where it had lain rusting since 1886.

1985 A terrorist bomb aboard Air India flight 182 brought down a Boeing 747 off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 people aboard.

1986 Brighton bomber Patrick Magee, found guilty of planting the bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton during the Conservative Party Conference in 1983, was jailed for a minimum of 35 years.

1989 The Home secretary announced that the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad had been disbanded in the wake of allegations of malpractice.

1994 It was announced that the Royal Yacht Britannia would be sold or scrapped.

1997 Diana, Princess of Wales apologized for taking her two sons, Princes William and Harry, to see the 15 certificated film The Devil's Own, about an IRA assassin.

Todays UK TV and Radio

The Scarifyers
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The Nazad Conspiracy.
Murder unites an inspector and professor in a terrifying supernatural journey. Stars Nicholas Courtney and Terry Molloy. episode 1 of 3.

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