Friday, 8 June 2012

BBC Doctor Who - Green for Danger

From BBC Doctor Who

Last Saturday in The Hungry Earth we saw the planet threatened by the re-emergence of its former rulers. And in Cold Blood,  the second of this two-part adventure, the Silurians and mankind hover on the knife-edge of total war. Can the two species find a way to survive? Can the Doctor escape the Silurians bent on bloodshed and when one battle is won, what new terror awaits Amy and Rory towards the end of the episode?

Cold Blood is on BBC Three on Saturday at 7pm and you can findout more about the episode now! We’ve also got information on theSilurians including clips and galleries and in case you missed it, information about The Hungry Earth.
And don’t forget – straight after the episode has finished on BBC Three you can view it online by visiting our homepage

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