Friday, 11 May 2012

Timetravel weekend at Spaceport

From About My Area

Come along to a Time Travel Weekend focussing on television programmes and films in which time travel has featured. In addition to the Tardis & The Delorean time machines there will be opportunities to see props including Davros, K-9, Daleks, The Impossible Astronaut and a Cyberman from Dr Who, as well as meet and greet costume characters including Ood, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Scarecrow from Dr Who, Star Trek Crew, Klingon, Aliens, Gas Mask Zombies, Spacemen and Cybermen!

Throughout the weekend there will also be on-going ‘Make a Time Machine' workshops taking place throughout the day (11am - 3pm) on the 1st floor of Spaceport, and a ‘Beginners Guide to Time Travel' talk and quiz at hourly intervals in the Dome Theatre (11am - 3pm).

No extra charge - usual admission prices apply - Telephone: 0151 330 1333 Spaceport, Victoria Place, Seacombe, Wallasey, CH44 6QY
Saturday 19 May 2012 and Sunday 20 May 2012

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