Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mucho Tid-Bits plus the Whovian Extras for Thursday

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(Dave Lewis 'The Mad Man with a Blue Blog')

Todays picture is Dr. Who Classics III 2 by Charlie Kirchoff.

Check out the Tid-Bits section it features heavily today, with more visual delights to entertain you, enjoy.

I've also brought back the 2012/13 Episodes (spoilers) to the page index for a short time.

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preview77 pieceGrant Morrison's Doctor Who 1 by CharlieKirchoff
Scanner selected posts...

BBC America - Anglophenia has Life Outside The TARDIS: Tom Baker. For other people in the public eye, it might not be all that relevant to cite six years of a training as a monk, from the age of 15. I mean if it turned out that Alan Alda or Jack Johnson had been through such an experience, it would seem only of passing interest. Tom Baker, on the other hand, carries the fire of a thousand damning sermons in his voice, and has the lofty air of someone who used to know he was going to heaven, but enjoys the pleasures of life on Earth far too much....

DWAS has CT 407. Contents include:

  • The Eleven Faces of Doctor Who
  • Interview - Dominic Glynn
  • Review - Elisabeth Sladen Autobiography
  • Sounds of the Sixties - Galaxy Four
  • Interview - John Dorney
  • The Fan View - The JNT Era
  • Pull To Open

Miscellanious News...

Beware most podcasts are of an adult nature and are not suitable for children.

Drunken Time Travel has 2.09 The Time Meddler."The TARDIS arrives on an English coastline in the year 1066. Exploring, the Doctor discovers that one of his own people, the Monk, is conspiring to wipe out the Viking fleet and thus allow King Harold to face the forces of William of Normandy with a fresh army at the Battle of Hastings. The Doctor succeeds in thwarting the Monk's plans and leaves him trapped in England."

telos am has Ladies! In! Space! 1999! Here it is! A little late, but it’s more than worth it. This month (well, last month) the Telos AM team take on gender in Doctor Who, talking to, among others, Courtney Stoker, editor of Doctor Her – an extraordinary blog.

The Doctor Who Podcast has Episode 141. Our love affair with Tom Baker and Big Finish continues with Leeson, Trevor and James reviewing the latest batch of Fourth Doctor and Leela adventures. Renaissance Man, Wrath of the Iceni and Energy of the Daleks are popped into the tape deck for a listen. What will the verdict be?

Sound On Sight has Doctor Who Podcast Episode 26: The Christopher Eccelston era, part 2. We’re continuing our look at the all too brief but undeniably fantastic time of Mr. Christopher Eccleston; the man who charmed a whole new generation of Whovians with his portrayal of the Ninth Doctor.  Join Derek Gladu, Eric Mendoza, Linsay Wood, and Beverly Brown as we do a double header and review 2005?s “The End of the World” and “Dalek”.


Doctor Who Crafts has Meet the CARDIS: Cardboard And Relative Dyes in Style.

Doctor Who Crafts also has doctor puppet. Since I’m without any other mode of transportation for the time being, I had to take the R Train to Sunset Park in Brooklyn to see the fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. While I was there, I also joined a picnic and did some cloud watching. It’s almost Summer! 

Nothing Tra La La? (Simon Guerrier) has AAAGH! The very hungry Master! Another silly AAAGH! from Doctor Who Adventures #267 and inspired by a certain caterpillar. As ever, it's written by me, drawn by Brian Williamson and edited by Paul Lang and Natalie Barnes. has Praise Him! by jkilpatrick.

It's Timey-Wimey! has Checkup. (via Glassman via Where Is My Jetpack comes Rockbetter’s ”Checkup”).

Charity Dalek Squad has Dalek Invasion Day. (A gallery of photos from Portsmouth).

Who Fix has Pyramids of Earth. Squeal before Sutekh...

Review's Roundup...

Siskoid's Blog of Geekery has Doctor Who 170: The Evil of the Daleks Part 6. Everyone ends up on Skaro where the Doctor comes face to face with the Dalek Emperor....

Infinite Hollywood has Sontaran Styre BifBangPow Figure Review. Field Major Styre of the Sontaran G3 Military Assessment Survey is a character in the infamous 4th Doctor adventure, The Sontaran Experiment. It was a rather unique story for Doctor Who at the time, as it was shot entirely on location and mostly featured Styre and his little "Epcot Center" spaceship. In the serial, Styre is experimenting on astronauts, at least until he runs into the Doctor....

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