Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 267

From The Doctor Who Site

I had a big adventure the other day.
I spent ages looking For a lost sock and then it turned up in the washing machine, of all places!
Just kidding!
But I did visit a galaxy shaped like a washing machine that had been invaded by killer socks.
Not only did they have big, razor-sharp teeth, but they smelled a bit, too!
The Doctor

Also inside…
  • New York, New York
  •  XTreme Monsters
  •  The Grontlesnurt Horror
  •  Amy Pond facts
  •  Freaky first encounters
  •  Island of the cyclopes (comic)
  •  Regeneration
  •  Designing the details and much more
This weeks issue comes with a surprise mini monster Army, Mosh monster stickers and a bumper sticker sheet.

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