Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Big Finish - The Master Returns

From Big Finish

This month, the Doctor's infamous 'Moriarty', the Master returns to face Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor in Trail of the White Worm.

Trail of the White Worm, by Alan Barnes, features Geoffrey Beevers returning to the role of the Master. Geoffrey first appeared as the Master in the TV story The Keeper of Traken, recreating it on audio in Dust Breeding and Master.

'It was very early in the planning stages,' explains producer David Richardson. 'Nick and I were discussing what we'd like to see in this opening series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures and the return of the Master was a no-brainer. I think we'd hoped to bring the character back for a while, and were looking for making a big event out of it - Tom's Big Finish debut seemed the most natural choice.'

Trail of the White Worm forms the first part of a two-story finale to the first season of Fourth Doctor full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish. Executive producer Nick Briggs explains, 'It's set in 1979, in the wilds of Derbyshire, and it has all the essential ingredients of a cracking Fourth Doctor yarn. Great cast too! Ken Bentley has done a fantastic job of directing it and Andy Hardwick's sound design and music are superb! We're really excited about this one.'

You can read more about the story and listen to the trailer here and there's more from David Richardson on the subject here (plus behind-the-scenes photos!).

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