Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Big Finish - The Wanderer - out now!

From Big Finish

It's back to the beginning once again for this month's Companion Chronicles release, as William Russell returns to the role of Ian Chesterton.

The Wanderer finds the First Doctor and the original TARDIS crew of Ian, Barbara and Susan in 19th century Siberia, and there are some very high stakes indeed. With the Doctor and an increasing number of the locals afflicted by a strange illness, Ian teams up with a pilgrim named Grigory in the search for a cure. But that search brings Ian closer to a prize he's sought since he and Barbara first stepped on board the TARDIS: a way home...

Guest starring Tim Chipping, The Wanderer is out now as a CD or download, or you can enjoy it as part of a Companion Chronicles subscription. And if you need more Ian in your life, he'll be back again in the July Chronicle, The Time Museum, and August's Lost Story, The Masters of Luxor, which can be pre-ordered now.

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