Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sneak Peek At Our Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Production - The Five Doctors With Tom Baker

For the last few weeks, we've been hard at work thinking what exactly would we do for the 50th Anniversary of "Doctor Who". I put out a number of videos over the years, and I enjoy doing the mashups, because they are incredibly fun, and very challenging for us as a production company. We batted around a few ideas, would we do some super mashup? Would we go back and do more "Star Trek", or "Lost In Space", or "Back To The Future", or even just continue on with the "Star Wars" stuff we've been doing? And I kept coming back to the idea of doing something that the BBC could actually do, and wouldn't hate me for doing it. So after much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I got my EUREKA moment. Why not fix something that was never done, or never done right. There must be something that both celebrates "Doctor Who" and would make the fan base go crazy.

So here it is, our sneak peak at our "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Project" we are doing "The Five Doctors", but this time with FIVE DOCTORS! We are going to digitally insert Tom Baker into the show like he should have been, had he chosen to participate. And yea, I know we say, he was left on the cutting room floor, we know that's not quite right, but, hey it's been like 20 years so, we'll cut Mr. Baker some slack. So using some really cool tech, and footage from previous stories, woven in a new and compelling way. We are inserting Tom Baker, properly into "The Five Doctors".

So when will it be done you say? Um... in a long time... If we are very lucky we hope to have it done in the summer of 2013, if not it will be November 23, 2013, that's our drop dead date. Thanks to all the fans of "Doctor Who" they have sent thousands of kind emails and left hundreds of great comments on our stuff over the years. We look forward to making videos for you, for some time to come. In the mean time, look for a short video from us every now and then, but mostly we will be concentrating on this huge new project. We did some rough estimates, and there will be something like 300 rotoscope shots, and tracking, and expanding and well, you get the idea.

Thanks again for watching!

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