Monday, 30 April 2012

Police boxes are put up for sale


Doctor Who fans will have a chance to buy their very own Tardis as a police force sells off 22 of its police boxes.

Lothian and Borders Police said the cast iron structures are now deemed "surplus to operational requirements".

There is no set price for the boxes, which are located around Edinburgh.

However, the police do not own the sites on which the boxes are located, so buyers will either have to move the two tonne structures or obtain all the relevant council documentation to keep them where they are.

Sara Griffiths, Lothian and Borders Police Property Manager, said: "When these boxes were introduced they would have proved invaluable to officers, but as technology and policing methods evolved a number of them have now become obsolete.

"This is a great opportunity for collectors to snap up a unique piece of Edinburgh, and policing, history."
The money made from the sale will go to towards the Force Capital Investment Programme.

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