Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plaything of Sutekh - The Doctor Who Fanzine is now available!

from Plaything of Sutekh

Plaything of Sutekh is now available, featuring...

What Did the Sixties Do For Who? – a look at how the Patrick Troughton era of the show reflected the changes facing Britain in the late 1960s
Franks’s Who – the lasting influence of Frank Bellamy’s `Radio Times` art on Doctor Who illustration.
Accidental Art – While Terry Nation and Douglas Adams were pulling in opposite directions, how Ken Grieve’s innovative approach raised `Destiny of the Daleks` above the norm.
A New Direction? – a look at the evolution of the series under Steven Moffat
Secret Who – we re-evaluate a clutch of less celebrated stories and find there’s more to them than meets the eye: We’re talking `Underworld`, `The Krotons` and `The Android Invasion`. Do not be afraid- they are better than you think.

Plus a look at (or a listen to) Tom Baker’s return as the Doctor in Big Finish audios, recent DVD releases reviewed and we tell you who the next Doctor will be.

Oh, and the inevitable lots more.
The issue is 40 b/w A5 pages fully illustrated with colour cover.
To order: Please send a Paypal payment (via or to

Please use the `gift` option to minimise the fees taken (it’s a non profit publication) and add your address in the notes section.

You can also pay by cheque- please drop us an email for the payee details.
United Kingdom: £2.25
Elsewhere in Europe: £3.20
Outside Europe: £3.70

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