Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Mad Man in a Box - Packaging for Eleventh Doctor 1:6 Scale Collector Figure Revealed

From Big Chief Studios

We are pleased to reveal the final approved packaging design for our Eleventh Doctor 1:6 Scale Collector Figure. As collectors ourselves we understand all to well how important packaging is. We carefully considered the pack construction, taking both the retailer and the end customer into mind.
Retailers ideally want a pack that allows customers to see what they are paying for, whilst collectors often expect more minimalistic closed boxes,
with emphasis on design more so than display. In addition we also have to remain faithful the style guide and of course ultimately, approval by the licensor.
As such we have designed a pack that we believe will service all of these criteria. The box has a cover flap, that when opened up reveals a window pack for display, with a matt laminate finish to reduce fingerprints and protect the box. Finally the Doctor Who logos and product titles will be hot foil stamped in a beautiful vibrant metallic copper foil.
Two inner trays hold the figure, accessories and display base securely in place. Signature Edition packs will also include the hand-signed autograph plaque with accompanying plaque stand and certificate of authenticity.

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