Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dr Who fan goes over the top to welcome Dalek to Shrewsbury

From The Shropshire Star

The problem was getting the Dalek over the roof. Not known for their agility, or for negotiating terrain more challenging than a gentle incline, Andrew Morris’s newly acquired science-fiction monster suddenly required human chivalry and a touch of brawn.

“It took four of us to get it over the side roof,” says Andrew, 31, from Shrewsbury.

“Anybody spotting this Dalek going over must have thought they were seeing things, but I hadn’t thought of how to get it into the house.”

It was certainly bigger – and heavier – than Andrew had expected it to be when it turned up on the back of a lorry from Barry Island, south Wales.

Certainly too wide for the front door for a start.

Any self-respecting Dalek, true to its destructive characteristics, might simply have exterminated the front door and barged its way in.

Andrew, a huge fan of Doctor Who since he was a kid, has in his living room an impressive collection of Time Lord memorabilia.

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