Friday, 27 April 2012

BBC Doctor Who - Turn Right, Donna!

From BBC Doctor Who

Turn back the clock with Turn Left - an adventure that opens with the apparent death of the Doctor and ends with his declaration that, 'It's the end of the universe!' In between we encounter a sinister fortune teller, Rose Tyler and Rocco! Plus, there's a nightmarish procession of events as we see how our planet might look if the Tenth Doctor had not been around to defend humanity...

You can catch Turn Left tonight on BBC Three at 7pm. And at the same time and place tomorrow you can see The Stolen Earth, the spectacular episode that featured an army of old friends including Captain Jack, Martha and Sarah Jane... But will they be enough to stop the might of Davros and the Daleks?

Don't forget, immediately after their repeat broadcast you can enjoy both episodes on BBCiPlayer.

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