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BBC Doctor Who - Memories of the Doctor's Return: Part Two

From BBC  Doctor Who

We recently asked for your memories of the Ninth Doctor's era and subsequently shared your recollections of 2005's early episodes. We now turn our attention to that year's later adventures.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances proved a memorable two-parter. Lindsay summed up the feelings of many: 'I got so giddy alongside the Doctor when everyone lived! And the line "Are you my mummy?" stuck with me till this day. Plus, it was the introduction of Captain Jack, and well, that certainly stuck with me too! Doctor Who was the best show on TV back then and in my opinion it still is!'

Peter agreed, singling out one particular moment. 'The scene at the climax of The Doctor Dances when the Doctor exclaims, "Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once. Everybody lives!" is, perhaps, my favourite scene in ALL of television! The pure ecstasy of the Doctor and the underlying hope for all that it implies is incredibly moving.'

Ellie called The Empty Child 'a creepy episode!' and Matthew declared, 'Series One Major Moment: The Hug the mother gives to her son in The Doctor Dances, the MOST memorable moment I have of Series 1.'

Ben is a fan of Boom Town, telling us 'I've always loved the Slitheen and it's awesome when Margaret Slitheen strikes her first victim. Great!'

The climactic adventure, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, was another big favourite. 'Bad Wolf scared me when I saw the Daleks were back, although it excited me, too,' Louise wrote, adding, ' I enjoyed seeing what the consequences of the Doctor's actions were as well as the Doctor's No to the Daleks at the end of the episode.' Dylan also enjoyed the adventure: 'The conclusion to The Parting of the Ways was one of the most exciting moments for me, a real return to the good old Daleks as an expansive fighting force! Brilliant!'

Ryan also relished the epic Doctor/Dalek confrontation. 'My favourite series one moment? It's gotta be the entirety of The Parting of the Ways. The decisions that the Doctor is forced to make, the people that stand together and fall before the Dalek Empire, Rose becoming the Bad Wolf, and the Doctor's regeneration into a brand new Doctor with a fascinating ability to quote the Lion King...'

But we give the final word to Steve who noted one of the series' most poignant and telling actions: 'The absolute best moment is in The Parting of the Ways. The Doctor has just faced down the Dalek Emperor on his own turf, rescued Rose and is making good his escape. As he closes the TARDIS door behind him he pauses to rest his head against the inside of the door, and for a moment the Doctor's real feelings of despair at the indestructibility of his nemesis are there for all to see. He destroyed his own race to save the Universe from the Daleks, and yet here they are, and he has to start all over again. It lasts only a moment before the Doctor reassumes his mask of composure and resumes his never ending running. That's proper drama, that is.'

We agree!

Big thanks to everyone who sent us their memories of the Ninth Doctor's adventures!

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