Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 261

FromThe Doctor Who Site

Can’t stop! Being chased!
By things that look a bit like lobsters, only each one’s the size of a house.
They’re not really lobsters, they’re Snee. ‘Hello” said to them, all nicely.
But of course in Snee, ‘Hello’ means something quite rude.
So, you keep reading, I’ll keep running.
Deal? Waaah!
The Doctor

Also inside…
Tick tock goes the clock
Disaster plans
Crystal Brawl!
The Doctors fast facts
Play with us – Forever!
The punch and Judy trap (comic)
Clock work and much more…

This weeks issue comes with a free mystery mask, foil poster and surprise gift. (in our case a smiler mask and Death Riders Book).

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