Thursday, 23 February 2012

Big Finish Podlet - The Eighth Doctor Adventures Sale - Day 4 - 23 February 2012

From Big Finish

Welcome to the final day of the Big Finish Eighth Doctor Adventures sale! Nick Briggs is back on the mic for a run-through of what you can expect in the last season of stories starring Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith, and there are big twists, turns and shocks in store...

The Doctor and Lucie Miller's relationship hits crisis point when a long-hidden secret resurfaces. But things take a turn for the tricky when the Doctor finds himself advertising for a new assistant and discovering that not every potential companion has what it takes. After a trip to a Poe-inspired world and an abbey where something very odd is afoot, Lucie returns mid-series as the Doctor once more has a run-in with the Ice Warriors. Then it's Christmas in the TARDIS, the Doctor spending years as a prisoner and a final epic showdown with those masters of massacre, the Daleks.

Join the Doctor, Lucie, Hugh, Asha, Tamsin, Theo, Alex, Susan and a host of villains old and new for a suitably massive conclusion to The Eighth Doctor Adventures, which you can buy today only for £5 each, or £40 for all ten. For more information, download or stream the latest podlet now, and there'll be more podcast fun soon as we bring you some of what happened on Big Finish Day 2...

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