Friday, 30 December 2011

BBC Doctor Who - Amy and Rory: As the End is Nigh... and the 2011 Quiz

BBC - Doctor Who

Earlier this month, Doctor Who's lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, announced that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will be leaving the show during the next series.

It was made clear that we'd be seeing much more of Amy and Rory, but it got us wondering: what are your favourite moments featuring Leadworth's finest?

We'll soon be asking for your opinions on Amy and Rory's best scenes. Will your favourite moment be a heart-breaker like Rory's decision at the close of The Girl Who Waited, a dramatic high such as Amy treading through the Weeping Angels, or possibly a humourous sequence, like the honeymoon high jinx in A Christmas Carol?

So... get thinking, because we'll soon be asking for your vote to find the world's favourite Amy and Rory moment!

Need help remembering their early scenes? Check out Amy's story up to The Big Bang and the early romance of Rory and his wife!

The Doctor Who 2011 Quiz

2011 proved to be a memorable year for Doctor Who... but how memorable?

We've a special edition of The Game of Rassilon that puts your memory to the test with a bumper number of questions about the past 12 months.

There are questions about every episode from 2011 and the Doctor Who news that hit the headlines throughout the year. So, if you think you know the who, where, what and when from January 1st to the Christmas Special, here's a chance to score big on everything from the Siren to the Silence! And don't forget, as with every Game of Rassilon, you can play on your own or challenge your friends to see who can achieve the highest score... good luck!

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