Friday, 23 December 2011

BBC Doctor Who Advent(ure) Calendar Day Twenty Three - Three new videos with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith!

Executive Producer and lead writer Steven Moffat alongside the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, recently took part in a Question and Answer session hosted by Richard Bacon.

The event was staged at BBC Television Centre in London and Steven and Matt discussed everything from the Christmas Special to how long the Eleventh Doctor will be around. And, of course, Steven made the huge announcement about Amy and Rory...

The event was captured for posterity but please note, the footage was never intended for broadcast. We thought that fans of Doctor Who would like to see the edited highlights, however, so please excuse the fact that the videos are not shot in the usual style of our interview pieces. We hope you enjoy them... and merry Christmas!

Doctor Who: Christmas Q&A, Part 1
Steven Moffat and Matt Smith discuss The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.

Doctor Who: Christmas Q&A, Part 2

Doctor Who: Christmas Q&A, Part 3
Steven Moffat and Matt Smith answer questions about regeneration, the Doctor and their scariest aliens.

(Ed: thanks to StetsonsAreCool and the BBC)

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