Thursday, 4 November 2010

New SJA Monster Maker, January 2011 DVD line-up, plus a pick of the blogs and more reviews

BBC Sarah Jane Adventures has Revealed: Monster Maker.
We've added brand new alien assets for you to make your monsters out of.

Blogtor Who reveals the January 2011 DVD line-up, 2|entertain have announced details of their Doctor Who DVD releases in January of next year. The first month of 2011 sees DVD releases for: Jan 10 - Meglos; Jan 24 - Series 5 Christmas Special 2010 (Including Digital Copy), DVD & Blu-ray; and Jan 31 - The Mutants.

Gallifrey One has Postcard Update, far, we've mailed two this year (one early in the year, one very recently), and our third and final postcard is in the planning stages. Here's how you can participate, with our annual Design a Postcard Contest!. Check out the Postcards page for information... the deadline for art for our final postcard of this year is Wednesday, December 1, 2010; specs, complete details and other items are on that page, with more detailed information available via the link at top (and samples of both previous postcards on the page). The winning design receives a box of chocolates. We look forward to seeing your design!

The Doctor Who Podcast has released Episode 49, Tom is back in the campervan this week with James and Trevor and ready to tackle the mountain of news occurring in the Doctor Who world of late, also, for attentive listeners, there is a super extra complimentary bonus bit of content this episode! Gosh we treat you guys well!

BBCWorldwide - YouTube has Agatha Christie murder mystery part 1, the Doctor and Donna arrive in 1926 on the very day that Agatha Christie is to disappear. With a murder in the library, a classic murder mystery unfolds. But is it too fanciful that the murderer is an alien?

The Eleventh Hour Podcast has Death of the Doctor (aka 507 Varieties), is it to be taken seriously? Is it bad form to poke fun at Katy Manning's eyesight? Can Liz Shaw keep control of her skirt on the moon? Which male listener liked Santiago and which female listener enjoyed Jo and Sarah's coffin cuddle? Which listener is sexually depraved?

Who Fix has Old Friends, it was never the same after they left (from MLG 12).

Dr Who Interview Archive has Martin Geraghty (2010), a link to an interesting new interview with Martin Geraghty, one of the big names in DWM comic strip history.

The Lou-natic Asylum has Dr Who A4 Tardis Card..... for my daughter Emily, "my youngest daughter is 9 on Monday and she is mad keen on Dr Who.... she has really on;y started watching it since Matt Smith took over the reigns but she is so knowledgeable already!"

Doctor Whom
has Blue Box Boy, I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Matthew Waterhouse. Or perhaps a sympathise-hate relationship with Matthew-Adric would be more accurate.

Tim's Take On has Episode 43 (Sarah Jane Adventures:The Empty Planet review), "my mini review of Sarah Jane Adventures:The Empty Planet and also a short clip of David Tennant's appearance on Absolute Radio's breakfast show last week."

io9 has One of the best Doctor Who stories (that wasn't shown on Doctor Who), the Sarah Jane Adventures followed up its epic Doctor Who crossover with a surprisingly good story — especially the first half, in which everybody on Earth vanishes, except for three kids. It was the stuff of classic Who. Spoilers ahead.

The Edwardian Adventurer has 014 – The Roof of The World, the time travelers meet Marco Polo, and become trapped in a scheme for freedom.

Pharos Project has 28: Cyberwoman Commentary, an episode specifically designed to excite the hidden pervert in us all.

scyfilove has Review: Doctor Who Live, or walking with monsters again, or I wish we were sitting closer, ...a new story written by the Moff, special Matt Smith scenes, monsters … erm … Nigel Planer.

Total Sci Fi has End of Ten 2009: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who, Stephen James Walker offers an honest assessment of the 2009 specials.

Tea with Morbius has Planet Of Fire, the Doctor and Turlough meet a cute American girl in Lanzarote and the Master has yet another cunning plan (this time subject to the law of diminishing returns).

Pink Paper has DVD: The Sarah Jane Adventures – Series Three, with appearances from David Tennant, Judoon, Slitheen and K-9, you'd be forgiven for thinking that series three of everyone's favourite Doctor Who spin-off (unless you prefer Torchwood) is blatantly trying to riff off old glories for success, or at least old stories.

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