Thursday, 22 July 2010

DWA 176, Whomer Simpson, Moon jellyfish 'invade' Dr Who beach, Dalek's daughter found, plus a pick of the blogs

Doctor Who Adventures has details on Issue 176
  • This week, you can enter a video competition to act out your own adventures as the Doctor, discover Matt Smith's secrets from filming the explosive season finale and squirt your mates with the free bow tie! SPLASH!
  • You can also test how much you know about the spuddy Sontarans, read some fast facts on dangers dribblers the Flood and win loads of cool toys. So what are you waiting for?

BBC Doctor Who has Your Guide to the Doctor Who Proms, this weekend there will be two amazing Doctor Who Proms, both featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. The first is set for Saturday, 24 July at 19.30 and the second takes place the following day at 11.00.

The Doctor Who News Page has...
  • Series 32 Production Team, writing in Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat has confirmed the key members of the production team for Series 32 of Doctor Who, the sixth series since the programme returned in 2005, the team at the top will remain the same with Piers Wenger and Beth Willis continuing their role as executive producers on the series, Sanne Wohlenberg will take over as producer on the first two filming blocks of the series, and the new Production Designer is Michael Pickwoad...
  • Doctor Who Prom Programme, a full 44 page programme for Saturday's Doctor Who Prom is now available on the BBC Proms Website, the programme lists all the music due to be played at the concert and well as containing information on each piece and interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The programme contains a credit for additional filmed material starring Matt Smith and directed by Toby Haynes, who directed The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang.
  • Revisitations Extras, more details are available in this months DWM on the extras to be included in the forthcoming Revisitations Box set, due for release in the UK in October, the set will consist of three previously released stories taken from remastered and restored prints and with updated extras...

Scotsman has Gillan never watched Dr Who until landing leading role, the Scottish star, who plays the Doctor's assistant Amy Pond, said: "I was obviously aware of Dr Who and knew what a Dalek was, but it wasn't on TV when I was growing up, "I had never watched it and I wasn't a follower of the show at all. I have just really got into it since I got a part in it."

The Sun has Whomer Simpson, American Doctor Who fans are campaigning for the Timelord to appear in an episode of cartoon classic 'The Simpsons'.

BBC News has Moon jellyfish 'invade' Doctor Who beach at Porthcawl, a south Wales beach used to film scenes for Doctor Who has been swamped by real-life invaders - an army of jellyfish.

Big Finish
  • Lost Stories Season Two Trailer!, production on the Seventh Doctor Lost Stories - which are released from April next year - is well underway. We can also now confirm that Ricky Groves (EastEnders) is guest starring as Creevy, the father of new companion Raine (played by Beth Chalmers). To whet your appetites, the first teaser trailer is now online. Listen out for the first chance to hear Raine, Brigadier Bambera, Ace, the Metatraxi... and more!
  • Bernice Summerfield Season 11 - Trailer Online, the upcoming eleventh season of Bernice Summerfield is still available for pre-order,  and if you fancy a little taste of the first story of the run, Resurrecting the Past by Eddie Robson, the trailer has just been released, as the four new stories bring an end... and a beginning, there's no better time to be on board with Benny!

SFX has Go Behind-the-scenes on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Comic Con might be hogging all the headlines but the UK has its own very one of a kind event taking place this week – GameCityNights which is celebrating episode six of its first season by going behind the TARDIS for a look at the creation of the fantastic Doctor Who adventure games.

612 ABC Brisbane has Dalek's daughter found in Chermside!, "I bet you didn’t know the lead dalek role for the first five years of Dr Who was played by an Australian, we lost Robert Jewell 12 years ago, but I found his daughter living here in Brisbane."

BBC iPlayer (UK only) has Doctor Who Confidential - Series 5:6 Death in Venice, the cast and crew get a trip to Trogir, a Croatian town representing 16th century Venice. (R)

Two-minute Time Lord has 2MTL 151: Saluting Tracie Simpson, buried in RTD and Benjamin Cook's The Writer's Tale is a salute to an unsung hero who left only to return as a full producer for the specials and Series 5...

The Flashing Blade Podcast has released Interview Special 6 - Matthew Waterhouse, ...we managed to get him for a phone natter whilst he was at a book signing. In it he tells us a little about his books, his days on the show and also comments on how both he and his charecter, Adric, have been perceived down the years... Listen after the DWPA interview with Matthew as, hopefully, the two go together...

Botcherby's has Big Rip-Off: Destiny of the Anoraks – plus News and Previews, finishing off the Anorak Trilogy is parts two and three of Destiny of the Anoraks, featuring a well known mischievous monk...

The Daily P.O.P. has Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor, The Doctor and Amy arrive in contemporary Paris at the Musée d’Orsay to bask in the wonder of art and hopefully forget the painful loss of Rory in the previous adventure.

The Daily Drew has "Terror of the Autons" - Episode Four, we talked last year about how the BBC had policies against the same person being credited for multiple production roles....

Drax Ogrimund’s blog
has Scripting Tips 9: Adding users to your door, if you’ve followed the last few Scripting Tips about giving users access to your door, you know we’re now ready to put the user access list for the sliding door into action. Sliding door with access list As usual, the previous script contents are shaded grey so you can see what we’ve added to enable.

DCL Temporal Engineers has Temporal & Tech Time Scoops Updated, one of our users asked if we could colour the Temporal Time Scoop for him and I thought "good idea - even better lets give people a choice of colours".

Todays pick of the tweets...

alun_vega Matt Smith in the Doctor's new jacket: now at
  • drwhofilming Coal Exchange filming today - 'pyjama' boy and Matt Smith back to film (inside). Doctor has amended jacket (brown stripes, no elbow patches)
  • leeDav84 isn't sure what to be more annoyed about. Just discovering there's a Doctor Who concert at the Proms, or discovering it's sold out.
  • justHayley Just finished season 3 of Doctor Who and lets just say the things in Torchwood make a lot more sense lol .
  • TheDogtor There's no doctor who at comic con this year, so I'm not really bothered XD not unless torchwood or heroes are gonna be there...
  • _Mecca_ In Cardiff doing read through for new series of Sarah Jane Adventures, great story I love this show and being Professor Rivers Oh what joy!
  • treebeliever Guy in front of us is talking dr who. Best queue ever!
  • Alexdoh I only just realised Amy pond from Dr Who is on the Kevin Bishop show alot!!!
  • benjamin_cook Matt Smith (on next year's Daleks): "They're going to have hats. Yes! They are! And beards. I'm serious."

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