Monday, 22 February 2010

TARDIS lands in Central Europe and Corden for Who plus a Pick of the Blogs

Gallifreyan Embassy has Winter Podshock Meet up Feb 2010, ...took place on the 20th and here's the Photo from the end of the Meet up (ed: I'd like to thank everyone for dropping by at Paradox Island, during Victor's TARDIS Tour and hope to meet you again in the future).

BBC Press Office has TARDIS lands in Central Europe, the Time Lord turns up in Macedonia, Captain Jack Harkness speaks Hungarian and CGI dinosaurs roar through the Czech Republic. Sci-fi will sweep Central and Eastern Europe as BBC Worldwide signs a deal which sees 114 hours of entertainment from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval being beamed into homes across the region, from Poland and Romania to as far afield as Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The sci-fi hits will air on Sony Pictures Television’s AXN SCI-FI and AXN channels.

TARDIS Scanner - Who Tube
has Carey Mulligan wins Best Actress BAFTA - The British Academy Film Awards 2010 - BBC One.

BBC iPlayer
has Afternoon Play - Torchwood - 1. Lost Souls, is something lurking in the underground tunnel at CERN?

The Vervoid has posted "Blake's 7 reap the Harvest of Kairos... Rocket Man flies to his death... I've bought an XBox... Trial of a Time Lord... Eternal Summer, 100 and more BF goodies... Flip It... and job titles... "

whomix has been updated with Last of the Timelords MkII and Dark Fairytale.

Gareth David-Lloyd Site
has News just in, Blue Gillespie gig at Dempsey's in Cardiff on Friday 2nd April 2010 at 8-00pm. Tickets 7 pounds in advance, 8 pounds on the door, debut album Synesthesia is now available for pre-order at the band's website!

The Sun
has Gavin & Spacey, James Corden is to appear in the new series of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who News Page
  • "Out of this World", the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra will be presenting an evening of sci-fi music, which will feature music from Doctor Who, amongst other sci-fi favourites.
  • Bonhams Auction: Public Viewing, this Wednesday sees the Bonhams Auction of many Doctor Who costumes and props take place, and the auction rooms are now open for public viewing up until Tuesday. Entrance to both the viewings and the auction is by purchase of the auction programme, which costs £15.00 (£5.00 goes to the charity Children in Need).

Radio Free Skaro
has released 182 - The Oncoming Storm, with mere days to go before Gallifrey 2010 in Los Angeles, the Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to conduct their now-annual rundown of the panels, guests, goings-on and shenanigans sure to occur, all in the name of informing our dear listeners how often we'll be hung over (answer: often.) Stay tuned all this week for daily podcasts, special guests and the most fun you can legally have involving Doctor Who and cast of thousands (well, a thousand and change.) Not all was silent from The Beeb this week, however, as the start date for Series Fnarg has been announced for April 3 on BBC One, hot on the heels of the new trailer for Matt Smith's debut run.

The Doctor Who News Page has Australian news and ratings, part two of The End of Time has debuted in Australia to good ratings. The special averaged 840,000 in the five major capital cities, again against stiff competition from the commercial networks, including a 20/20 international cricket match.

BBC Doctor Who
has New Trailer for the New Doctor!, new series news...

BBC News has Bafta wins for Mulligan and Firth, Britons Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth win the top acting Baftas at the Royal Opera House, with The Hurt Locker named best film.

Tachyon TV
has a new podcast The Album, sing-a-long-a-ming-mong! Includes the unforgettable hit singles Christopher Bidmead's Writing, Torchwood in America and Right Said Moff.

Bridging the Rift have 16: All Eyes on America, they take a look at the upcoming 21st Gallifrey One convention is Los Angeles, California, giving a special focus on the fan creativity-related panels, guests and events.

Two-minute Time Lord
has 2MTL 102: The 3D Trailer Tempest, reaction to the latest BBC trailer for the 2010 series of Doctor Who has been somewhat mixed among adult fans — but the trailer wasn't targeted at them.

Staggering Stories Podcast
have 65: Camping Up the Weekender, ...speculate about the 2010 Doctor Who season, talk about The Vampire Diaries and the SFX Weekender.

The Guardian
has Storm in a Tardis, a former Doctor Who script writer describes a regrettable episode with a Sunday Times journalist.

David Tennant News
has David Signs Up For Retreat, Magnet Films have announced that David is part of the cast for their new psychological thriller, Retreat.

Life, Doctor Who & Combom
has Watch The New Doctor Who Series 5 Promo In 3D, get your 3D glasses out! Here is the new Doctor Who series 5 trailer in 3D.

Rich's ComixBlog has The Stalker of Norfolk – 33, Robert Dudley ribs Goodwife Myddleton for her claims. She tells how she threw her basket at the devil and chased him away (touting the banishing power of salt!). The Doctor isn’t convinced she’s making it up.

has posted TARDIS interior - fan speculative creation.

The Spoof (satire) has Daleks Spotted Roaming Around The White House, ...were seen entering the Oval Office with President Obama for a

This Week In Doctor Who
has The 1st Annual TWIDW Podcast Awards, ...a brief step into whimsy today.

has Snow STORM – Dalek Storm Style, even daleks like playing in the snow and giving a friendly helping hand to those who get stuck at least once in there life time.

Dr Who Interview Archive has Paul Cornell (2009), at a convention in Dublin.

The Daily P.O.P.
has Doctor Who and the Krotons, bug-eyed, emotionless, paranoid, plunger-armed or block-shaped… all monsters must bow to the greatness of the mighty Pat Troughton.

Radio Free Skaro - The Chronic Hysteresis
has Frontios 4 and Resurrection of the Daleks 1.

has The Caves of Androzani review, "we shall become the best of companions!"

Unreality SF has Doctor Who: Survival of the Fittest, "The cliffhanger does not seem contrived in the least - in fact, it has a sense of crushing inevitability about it which is terribly effective."

Call me crazy...but something about Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who looks just a little off. Maybe just me.

You ALWAYS don't like the new Dr Who. It's a rule. You miss the last one. But after a few weeks (or less) he's the Doctor. It's inevitable.

Torchwood was very jolly on Radio 4.  Hope they repeat the rest of them too!

freddie_bell also just seen new doctor who trailer - looks incredible!!! cannot wait for new season to start!!

drwholocations Filming reported on Cardiff Road in Llandaff, not confirmed as Doctor Who as yet though

You see, I love Dr Who. I'm going to get my door painted like the TARDIS. Yes, I'm that strange.

Just come across Murder Most Horrid, written by Steven Moffat and starring lots of famos people! It's great :) Love it.

Watching The End of Time for the first time since it aired. How much do I love Wilf? Bernard Cribbins is a legend. So good.

...and I don't care what anyone says John Simm is the Master...

IaSg14 New Doctor Who trailer makes it look kind of douchey and kiddy, but interesting. Hopefully Steven Moffat will make the series awesome again.

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