Monday, 18 January 2010

Karen the Kissogram? and Helen McCrory to Appear In 'Who'.....

TARDIS Scanner - Who Tube
has Daleks vs Mechons - the Third Peter Cushing film trailer...

The Vervoid has been updated with the two Jasons... Rocket Man is toasted... Al Murray live at the O2... Penny Danger unloads on the Monsterdons... 10 years of Big Finish CDs... Victoria Coren's poker memoir..

Hyde Fundraisers tells us of £4100 for Lymphoedema Charity, "we are delighted that in 2009 we raised a fabulous £4100 for the Lymphoedema Support Network, a charity nominated by SARAH JANE ADVENTURES actress Elisabeth Sladen. Hyde Fundraisers hope to present Elisabeth with the cheque in the Spring!"

Radio Free Skaro
have 177 - Dr. Who or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Russell T Davies, the retrospectives continue on Radio Free Skaro with The Three Who Rule again joined by TachyonTV's Neil Perryman... though this week the world got flipped, turned upside down as the unthinkable happened: An episode dedicated to praising the work of Russell T Davies! Curmudgeor was not best pleased at the prospect and had to be subdued, but in the end the lads had a bit of a love-in for our favourite (read: only) NuWho show runner (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editors bit)>

Gallifreyan Embassy has released....
  • Sonic Newsdriver 20100116, a Rose by Any Other Name, A Rose by the Name of Betty, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, End of Time Records for iPlayer, Way To Go Sister, Loose Scripts - Sink Ships, Scary Monsters - Super Creeps - Keep David Tennant Running Scared, and more (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editors bit).
  • Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 179 EXTRA Edition, "we review all 10 Doctor's eras of Doctor Who in this Deca-Doctor Special of Doctor Who: Podshock. As we approach the new 11th Doctor era, we review where we came from with the previous 10. Included are interviews we conducted over the years with various actors to play the Doctor (including Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann), some of which have never been featured on Doctor Who: Podshock before" (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editors bit).
Bridging the Rift have released 15: Crackfic the Movie, Nat and new regular co-host Erik (@sjcaustenite) discuss their thoughts and fandom’s creative reactions, both funny and serious, to the two part Tenth Doctor swansong The End of Time, we also look at snow Daleks, late Christmas fan art and some creative predictions posted before the episodes aired (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editors bit).

The Sun
has New Doctor Who assistant will have a saucy job, Dr Who is being sexed up to make the new assistant a KISSOGRAM, TV Biz can reveal.

The Doctor Who News Page has New Drama Village in Cardiff, the Welsh Government has given the go ahead to develop a new Drama Villiage at a site near Cardiff Bay to be used by BBC Wales, the proposed centre would accommodate all BBC Drama made in Wales, including Doctor Who and any future series of Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures as well as other drama productions made in the principality such as Casualty.

Sci Fi Scoop has Helen McCrory to Appear In 'Doctor Who', her website has confirmed that the actress of Harry Potter Fame has landed up with a role in Doctor Who.

Digital Spy
has Baker: 'Multi-Doctor story highly unlikely', Colin Baker plays down rumours of a new multi-Doctor story in Doctor Who.

Dirty WHOers have released Podcast - Episode 1, And so, it, has, been, made.

The Minute Doctor Who Podcast has 030 - Mastermind with Steven Schapansky, round Three of Doctor Who Mastermind with guest Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro fame (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editors bit).

Doctor Who are you? has Discovering Steven Moffat, like many people, pre-2005 I’d never heard of television writer Steven Moffat, despite the fact his first work had appeared back in 1989 in the well received ITV kids show Press Gang,  which ran for four years, and then from 2000-2004  as writer of the popular BBC comedy series Coupling.

Doctor Who Hideout
has Restoration Team's The Masque of Mandragora Article, Steve Roberts, of the Doctor Who Restoration Team, has recently published an exclusive article detailing the restoration of The Masque of Mandragora ahead of its DVD release next month around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Doctor Who News Page has New DVD extras, 2entertain have given some details of a new 8 part series called Tomorrow's Times looking at contemporary press reaction to the Classic Series of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who are you? has The Jon Pertwee Years, where do I start?, tt the beginning I hear you shout, oh alright then.

Crafty Tardis
has Bigger on the Inside - Tardis Sewing Box, "I've been meaning to post this but kept forgetting where I had stashed all my photos." and Soft Toy K-9, "I was asked to make a K-9 for someone's birthday and I thought you might like to see the results. I made a pattern from scratch and painted on some details."

Big Finish has Colditz - Limited Special Offer!, to celebrate the new season of Klein stories - which begins this month with A Thousand Tiny Wings - Big Finish will be offering Klein's first story, Colditz, at a discounted price for a limited time period.
From now until 31 March 2010, Colditz will be for sale on CD and download through this site for just £5.00. So if you haven't yet experienced the history of the Nazi scientist who's about to become the Seventh Doctor's new companion, then there's never been a better time... has Creating a future of memories and Daleks, "I'm a big fan of sci-fi in general, but Doctor Who in particular. I can just remember Tom Baker as the Doctor, but I really got into the show with Peter Davidson at the helm." has Doctor Who: Peladon Tales, story arcs have been a feature of Doctor Who since the beginning: the stories in the first season run continuously, with no downtime between adventures.

planetzogblog has Doctor Who C21.1: Warriors of the Deep review, a “threequel” to the two previous stories of the hibernating reptile-men of Earth, this time featuring both the “Silurians” and “Sea Devils” and adding one more reptile-creature type: “The Myrka!”

Radio Free Skaro - The Chronic Hysteresis
has Logopolis 1 and2.

Total Sci Fi has Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors, audio version of a story sadly missing from BBC TV archives.

Unreality SF reviews Doctor Who: An Earthly Child.

The Daily P.O.P.
has Doctor Who Story No. 110 ‘Meglos’ Sept/October 1980, as the longest ‘reigning’ actor to play the role of the Doctor, Tom Baker’s last season is a very mixed bag.

The Daily Drew has "The War Games - Episode Two", the execution is interrupted by a sniper, allowing the Doctor and Zoe to get away.

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