Friday, 19 June 2009

UK TV and Radio Guide Update, TARDIS Cupboard, Prince Charming.....

TARDIS Scanner has updated the UK TV and Radio Guide for all things 'Whovian' on the haunted fish tank for next week. has TARDIS Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet, awesome Full Size Scale Movie Prop (ed: thanks to boomboxhearts).

Gareth David-Lloyd Site has Our Prince Charming, "Gareth is set to play Prince Charming in the Preston Guild Hall and Charter Theatre's production of Cinderella this Christmas...."

Gallifreyan Embassy has This Week In Doctor Who (Omnibus) - June 19/20, 2009 by Benjamin Elliott.

Two-minute Time Lord has 2MTL 31: The Polyamorous Doctor?, "Yes, I know what the title says. Part two of my trip down the list of taboo subjects: religion, sex and politics" (ed: added to the pods and audio button on the editor's bit). has Free Magazine Tomorrow, "Find out about the evil Cybermen for FREE in our essential Doctor Who Adventures magazines - only with tomorrow's time-travel loving Mirror" (ed: yeah right).

SciFiPulse has news that their Podcast Celebrates BIg Finish & British Comic Book Talent, we have a fun mix of things planned this weekend on the SciFiPulse Radio Podcast. Later tonight, June 19 at 11pm we’ll be playing a prerecorded interview with John Ainsworth who has written for and directed some of the many Big Finish Audio Adventures featuring Classic Doctor Who. During this special one hour show Will and I will likely discuss the various Science Fiction media tie ins to popular movie and television franchises.

downthetubes has In Review: Doctor Who - The Time Machination, writer Tony Lee knows his Doctor Who - inside out, back to front, old and new, spin-offs and original.

Pop Culture Zoo
has BBC America: ‘Torchwood: Children Of Earth’ Info And Interviews.

TARDIS Television has Doctor Who Hartnell TARDIS Control Room 3D Render in Blender.

Rich's ComixBlog has Forever Janette - 9, the trio arrive in the castle, surrounded by warm bodies full of blood and life! But LaCroix detects a non-human, non-vampire presence. Nyssa of Traken! Janette, similarly, detects the powerful alien lifeforce (and double heartbeat) of the 5th Doctor!

Radio Free Skaro - The Chronic Hysteresis
has EE3 - The Power of the Daleks 3, it's taken over three years, but there's finally a really strong female character role in a Doctor Who story in the from of Janley. She's perhaps the most manipulative character around, too, even more so than Bragen or the Daleks themselves.

rejectnation "Speculation: David Tennant Might Announce ‘Dr. Who’ Film Involvement at Comic-Con"

CChaseEnt "Looking forward to Torchwood - Children of Earth... when did I become such a sci-fi geek?"

"Torchwood: Children of Earth is going to be so amazing!"

"Happy Anniversary to Us! 24 Years of Time and Space - Gallifreyan Embassy" (ed: congratulations from the comparatively 'new boy on the block')

"Watched the best Doctor Who episode, the one where the Doctor is on Big Brother, Rose is on the weakest link and Jack is on What not to wear"

paulidin "The Doctor Who 2008 episode "Forest of the Dead" is one of my favorites. I adore the glimpses into his future and into his "personal life"."

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