Friday, 24 April 2009

BBFC and TV Guide Updates, another Two Minute Pod plus Pick of the Blogs

British Board of Film Censors
have released the following... The BBFC gave the English language video DOCTOR WHO - PLANET OF THE DEAD a rating of PG on Fri, 24 Apr, this video contains MILD VIOLENCE, the video is directed by James Strong, the cast includes David Tennant and Michelle Ryan, DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL a rating of PG plus TORCHWOOD DECLASSIFIED a rating of 15 on Fri, 24 Apr, the cast includes John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David Lloyd.

TARDIS Scanner has updated the UK TV and Radio Guide for all thats 'Whovian' on the box next week.

Two-minute Time Lord has released 2MTL #17: We Interrupt This Podcast (SPOILERS) (added to the pods and audio button).

Rich's ComixBlog has The 10 Doctors - Page 229 and The 10 Doctors - Page 230.

The Dwarf and the Basilisk has Geek’s Bookshelf - Doctor Who: The Devil Goblins From Neptune.

Crafty Tardis has how to make a Mini-Ten Doll.

The Medium is Not Enough tell's us it's Time to buy an Iris Wildthyme book.

The Daily Drew has "The Moonbase" Episode 4.

HeroPress have a review of Doctor Who: Image Of The Fendahl.

nicksmale "Planet of the Dead: UNIT had the TARDIS all along? So why didn't they just shove it through the wormhole & give the Doctor an easy way out?"

"got a bit obsessed with finding doctor who related people on twitter...its fun!"

"I've been in Cardif where they film Torchwood. i never realised it was a documentary."

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